Weekly Digital News Roundup: November 29-December 3

Weekly Digital News Roundup: November 29-December 3

Google Adds Ability to Undo Changes in AdWords


  • According to Search Engine Watch, Google has finally added a long requested feature to Google AdWords in the form of a simple “Undo” button. This essentially provides advertisers with a backup of all the things they are changing within their account. Once the button is clicked, it will revert to the campaign as it was then.
  • This tool will make it much easier for advertisers to test things with their campaign, and if they discover is has a lower CTR or CPA, with a single click of the button they can revert it back to its previous state. Previously, advertisers could only undo by hand, or by using a backup taken from before the changes were made.
  • “The ability to undo changes in AdWords will be a valuable feature to advertisers,” said Lisa Raehsler of Big Click Co. “Sometimes changes will have a different impact on an account than what was intended. Simply using ‘undo’ will save time and ultimately money.”

Amazon Leverages Facebook To Introduce New Social Features

  • According to The Next Web, Amazon is seeking to boost the social experiences of its customers who shop on its website by introducing a new discovery feature for those who connect their Facebook account to Amazon.
  • Amazon users who have connected their Facebook account will now be able to discover when their friends have reviewed or wished for items they are browsing. Those concerned about privacy can rest assured as only items on public Wish Lists will be visible, and you can also choose to opt out of the feature if you want to.
  • Placing emphasis on social discovery is a wise move for Amazon, as it steps up efforts to create a more complete shopping experience for its customers amid potentially tough competition.

AdSense Publishers Get Mobile Anchor Ads On Smartphones

  • According to WebProNews, Google has announced the launch of new mobile anchor ads for smartphones for AdSense publishers, aimed at making the ad experience better for users on these devices.
  • The ads let a 320×50 banner ad unit be anchored to the bottom of the screen, and stay there as the user scrolls up or down. The user can also dismiss the ad if they wish. They can simply swipe it left or right, and the ad will fade away. No other anchor ad will display unless the user reloads or visits another page.
  • “The mobile anchor ads experience reflects our continued focus on providing users with control,” says AdSense product manager Pasha Nahass. “As we’ve seen from our TrueView video ads and Mute this ad feature, users prefer having choice and control when it comes to viewing ads. In addition, the prominence of mobile anchor ads will give advertisers enhanced visibility while helping improve performance for you, and also remove the need to overload your mobile pages with ads.”
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