Weekly Digital News Roundup: November 15-19

Weekly Digital News Roundup: November 15-19

Twitter Adds Custom Timelines, Enhances Mobile Ad Targeting

  • twitter-bird-calloutAccording to Search Engine Watch, on the heels of its IPO, Twitter has released new features that give more flexibility to publishers and more control to advertisers. First, custom timelines allow publishers to create and share timelines related to the topic of their choosing. And for advertisers, Twitter just got savvier in mobile by adding device type and WiFi connectivity to its targeting.
  • The custom timelines API beta allows publishers to create timelines based on the logic they choose. So the rules for what tweets show in the custom timeline are up to the creator. Custom timelines can be created and managed from TweetDeck, and embedded and shared on the web.
  •  Prior to this week’s announcement on enhanced mobile features, advertisers had the ability to target mobile users by operating system; but now, mobile targeting is more granular with the ability to segment audiences on Android and iOS by operating system version, device type and WiFi connectivity. 

Google AdWords Adds Click-to-Call Ads to Conversion Columns

  • According to Search Engine Watch, Google AdWords advertisers who are currently using mobile click-to-call ads will now find them listed in the regular Conversion columns, Google announced. This is part of a change Google announced last month to make it easier for advertisers to optimize their bidding strategy for click-to-call.
  • Click-to-call ads were previously found under a “Phone Call Conversions” column in the AdWords reporting. With the change to the regular conversion column, this means that advertisers will be able to use the many free automated bidding tools from AdWords in order to improve the ads performance as well as to save time while optimizing campaigns.
  • Google is definitely pushing their click-to-call option, but with 70 percent of mobile searchers calling a business directly from the search results, it could definitely be a winning strategy for advertisers, particularly things like local businesses that are more frequently searched on from a mobile phone. Every month over 40 million phone calls from Google search ads to advertisers.

Pinterest Launches Its First API, And It’s All About Big Brands: Zappos, Walmart, Disney In First User Group

  • According to TechCrunch, Pinterest is [this week], at long last, releasing its first API for developers, which will let third-party sites embed Pinterest pins, and make it easier to post content into Pinterest itself. First partners for the service are a list of big brands and retailers — including Zappos, Walmart, Disney, Nestle, Random House and Hearst — underscoring how the site is ramping up for revenue generation with advertising and cross-marketing.
  • Pinterest has already proven itself to be a strong driver of referral traffic on the web — second after Facebook in a list of leading traffic referral sites from Shareaholic, but growing the fastest. What adding an API will mean is that Pinterest is now laying the groundwork to expand that role. It will make existing pins more useful to sites and brands, and also make it easier for people to post to Pinterest. Both of these will also help Pinterest string its data together in a more actionable way.
  • Just as the recent deal with Getty will provide more metadata to pins that use Getty images, stronger links between pins and the sites/brands from which they come will mean that they can be better tracked by Pinterest, and those brands themselves.
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