Weekly Digital News Roundup: March 14-18

Weekly Digital News Roundup: March 14-18

Facebook Introduces 15-Second Video Ads 

  • Facebook-skins-postAccording to The Next Web, Facebook today introduced 15-second video ads, which will start playing without sound as they appear on screen and stop if you scroll past. If you tap the video, it will expand into a full-screen view with sound. The company says users can expect to start seeing these new ads “over the next few months.”
  • Facebook first started testing what it calls “Premium Video Ads” back in December. The company says they are designed “for advertisers who want to reach a large audience with high-quality sight, sound and motion.”
  • Furthermore, Facebook says it is taking steps to ensure video ads that appear on its site “are as good as other content people see in their News Feeds.” That’s very important if the company is to keep investors and marketers happy, without annoying users.

Twitter Is Adding Promoted Account Tweets, With Follow Buttons, To Desktop Timelines

  • According to Tech Crunch, Twitter will soon add another feature to its Timeline on the desktop to generate revenue: Promoted Accounts, with the option for people to follow them directly with a button embedded in the Tweet.
  • Promoted Accounts already appear officially in three different places: in the margin of the Timeline on desktop, in users’ Timelines when accessed on mobile devices, and (most recently) in search results. These three, along with Promoted Tweets and Promoted Trends, helped Twitter generate $595 million in advertising revenue in 2013.
  • It’s also an obvious way of sweetening the deal for brands or individuals who might be considering forking out some money to Twitter to promote an account: more Timeline appearances = more views. Twitter has said that less than 10% of its revenue in the past came from Promoted Trends, so the converse of that is that perhaps something like Promoted Accounts is offering better returns, and this could be a way of extending that.

Google Closes Wildfire To New Customers, Continues DoubleClick Integration 

  • According to WebProNews, Google acquired Wildfire back in 2012 to bring its social media marketing services to its own customers. Last summer, Google started integrating Wildfire into the DoubleClick platform. Now, Google is going to “limit” its investments in the Wildfire Suite, and stop accepting new sign-ups. Rather, it will continue to integrate it into its other products.
  • Product Management Director Victoria Ransom had this to say on the Wildfire blog:  “To help accelerate this, we’ve decided to dedicate our resources to this integration. The Wildfire Social Marketing Suite, which helps businesses manage their posts and content on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, will continue to be supported, but further investments will be limited: we won’t be building new features or signing up new customers.
  • Writes Ransom, “Our focus will be on integrating Wildfire’s technology with our ad technology platform and building new features that enable marketers to use social insights to improve their marketing campaigns.  With this increased focus, we think we can better help marketers get the most from their digital campaigns. Our teams are looking forward to working with our customers to make that happen.”
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