Weekly Digital News Roundup: January 3-7

Weekly Digital News Roundup: January 3-7

At Facebook & Twitter, 2014 is All About New Ad Audience Acquisition

  • urlAsks ClickZ, what’s the new play in 2014? Get ads pushed to new users who couldn’t be reached before – that’s the game for Facebook and Twitter, who both made very low-key announcements just before 2013 came to an end.
  • For Facebook, it’s about making new inroads in the national market with prepaid users, thanks to a new alliance with T-Mobile’s GoSmart. For Twitter, it’s about providing offline access to populations in promising lands (BRIC countries) where data access is not readily available, via an agreement with Singaporean startup U2opia Mobile and Swiss company Myriad Group.
  • All in all, while the partnerships are officially intended to provide access to information to populations who so far could not get to it, this is one form of cause marketing by both social media platforms.

Twitter Launches Vine for the Web

  • According to The Next Web, Twitter [this week] launched Vine for the Web. The new site lets users browse their home feed, view videos in full screen TV mode, as well as like, comment, and share Vines.
  • Vine for the Web is all about consumption: you currently can’t record videos with your webcam nor can you upload videos you have already taken. It’s not clear if Twitter wants to keep Vine focused on mobile or try to bring its apps and the Web version to feature parity. Either way, the site seems to be a good first release.
  • Twitter promises today’s launch is just version 1.0 and that users should thus expect new features. “This release is just a first step toward bringing you a richer, more enjoyable web experience,” the company says. “We look forward to introducing more improvements in 2014.”

Mobile Advertising Projected to Increase 64% in 2014

  • According to Mashable, as our web presence expands, so does the advertising space. Agencies are using mobile and native advertising to catch consumers’ attention on a variety of online platforms.
  • Companies nearly tripled the amount of money spent on mobile advertising, from $1.2 billion in 2012 to $3 billion in 2013, according to LinkedIn Marketing Solutions. Roughly 65% of both ad agencies and marketers plan to invest in native advertising, for an estimated total of $4.3 billion, in 2014.
  • Social and mobile marketing go hand-in-hand, since at least 17% of the time people spend on their mobile devices is on a social network. It’s no wonder then that analysts predict mobile and social advertising will increase 64% and 47%, respectively.
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