Get Visual with Pinterest Marketing

Get Visual with Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is an extremely useful resource and creative outlet for businesses and consumers alike. With the increasing prominence of visual marketing, Pinterest is becoming a necessary staple in any well-rounded marketing plan. Allowing endless opportunities for innovation and discovery, this social media platform is constantly gaining momentum and peaking consumer interest.

Discover 5 Pinterest basics that will allow you to share your brand’s story, and seamlessly manage your account, in just minutes of your time.

Tip #1: Create a Base

Following Pinterest brands and users similar to your own tends to create a reciprocal effect, benefiting both parties. You can find users—by name or specialty—easily with the Pinterest search bar. Creating a broad, but relevant, base will also present you with more opportunities for fresh content.

Tip #2: Re-Pin Responsibly

Set aside a few minutes each day to re-pin five or more pins from other users, but avoid getting too pin-happy. Make each re-pin count by remaining mindful of your target consumers’ interests, tastes and styles. Most importantly, make sure everything you re-pin links to a reputable source, as this experience reflects directly back on your brand.

Tip #3: Tell Your Story

When it comes to creating your own content, get creative. A common misconception about Pinterest is that it is only for beauty-, fashion- and home design- focused brands. While Pinterest may not be an innate part of your marketing plan, it is important platform for sharing your brand’s lifestyle in a visually appealing way. Every brand has its own unique lifestyle, but some are not as obvious as others—this will require thinking outside the box.

Lowe’s, who specializes in home improvement and appliances, adopted this concept and has swiftly become one of the most popular brands on Pinterest. They have captured the interest of 3.5 million pinners by going above and beyond merely advertising the products and services sold in their stores across the county. From How-To and DIY boards, to party planning and holiday boards, Lowe’s is personal and all encompassing in fulfilling their customers’ Pinterest needs.

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Tip #4: Generate Value for Followers

Sharing high quality, focused and attention-grabbing images will increase your content’s popularity on Pinterest. Producing content in bulk may help keep content on-brand, while also saving you some time. Canva is a great resource for adding flare to any image. Using this application, you can make your images more interactive by adding text to inform readers about the content they are about to consume, or you can make an eye-catching infographic.

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it doesn’t have to stand-alone. Don’t forget to include creative and clear descriptions with each of your pins. By including keywords relating to your brand’s most popular services or products in each description, you will make your pins more discoverable.


Tip #5: Plan Ahead

You don’t have to do it all at once, but you can. Actively pinning is an essential part of gaining exposure on Pinterest. You can choose from a variety of Pinterest scheduling tools such as ViralWoot, ViralTag, Buffer, or Tailwind to assist in keeping your Pinterest presence consistent. These tools allow for flexible planning and are especially useful for weekends and holidays, when consumers are active and businesses are not.

New to Pinterest? Get Started

Pinterest is an amazing tool that can bring you closer to your audience. If you haven’t done so, you can create your Pinterest Business account here by completing the required information. To complete your profile, upload your branded profile image and personalize your page.

Happy Pinning!

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