Survey Says: Apps Are Expensive

Survey Says: Apps Are Expensive

Interested in app development? New numbers from Vision Mobile, a market analysis and strategy firm, suggest that you might want to keep your day job.

The firm surveyed more than 1,500 developers worldwide and found that one in three apps generates just $500 – or less – a month. On average, developers make between $1,200 – $3,900 per app each month.

Some platforms are more lucrative than others, though. iOS developers made more per app each month than Android developers per month, but both fall short – somewhat surprisingly – of Blackberry developers.

Vision Mobile’s findings are particularly fascinating in light of the mobile industry’s mad dash to develop apps, which was spurred by the iPhone’s release five years ago.

At the same time, Vision Mobile’s findings reveal that iOS apps are the most expensive to develop, cashing in at $27,000 per app. This number is 21% more expensive than Android and 81% more expensive than Blackberry.

Here’s a breakdown of the costs necessary to develop an app, broken down by platform.

The full report is available for free download here.

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