Myspace Brought Sexy Back

Myspace Brought Sexy Back

Does anyone remember Myspace? Anyone?

The original social mega-network has experienced a tumultuous history over the past decade. When Justin Timberlake and Specific Media Group bought the company in 2011, it was a sad shell of a website populated by middle school kids, a few indie bands, and Tom. The majority of its user base migrated to Facebook and Twitter starting in 2008, which threw Myspace into an interesting position: fight back, or change entirely?

Based on the teaser video tweeted by Justin Timberlake last week, Myspace has decided to change entirely – and it looks pretty darn awesome. Check out the video below:

An official date for the website’s redesign hasn’t been released, but based on the video, things are going to be very different – and maybe that’s exactly what Myspace needs.

Towards the end of its era, Myspace attempted to find a niche by capitalizing on its music playlists and trying to brand itself as a place for musicians and their fans. It looks like Timerberlake and Specific Media Group took this idea and ran with it by creating a website that looks and functions almost like an iTunes album list (and very much like the new Windows 8 grids). Users navigate horizontally, not vertically, and the entire layout looks like a sleeker, cooler, and – dare I say it – sexier version of Pinterest.

What surprised me was that users have the option of signing up by connecting their Myspace accounts to Facebook and Twitter. This says that Myspace isn’t trying to fight anyone; it’s trying to be a standalone entity that works with the big boys in social networking.

It doesn’t even feel like it should be called Myspace anymore. Musicspace? MyMusic? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

Scott Kaufmann
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Scott is Partner at Lucid Agency and a lover of all things technology, marketing, investing and entrepreneurship. Scott volunteers on the board of the Denver-based Nonprofit Celebrate EDU and as a mentor for SeedSpot (a Phoenix-based social startup incubator).

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