Gaffigan to Follow in C.K.’s DRM-Free Footsteps

Gaffigan to Follow in C.K.’s DRM-Free Footsteps

Comedian Jim Gaffigan recently announced that he will be distributing a low-cost, DRM-free version of his latest comedy special after being inspired by fellow comedian, Louis C.K. We’ve talked about C.K.’s experiment before; after self-producing and distributing his special, “Live at the Beacon Theater,” C.K. sold his show online for the low price of $5.

Critics theorized that users would pirate C.K.’s content, especially since it was able to be downloaded without restrictions. Despite these concerns, “Live at the Beacon Theater” ended up generating more than $1 million in the first few weeks after its release.

Following in C.K.’s footsteps, pale funnyman Jim Gaffigan is set on producing his upcoming special, “Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe,” in the same manner. He writes on his website:

Beginning sometime in April, “Jim Gaffigan: Mr. Universe” will be available exclusively for download for only $5. A dollar from each download will go directly to The Bob Woodruff Foundation; a charity dedicated to serving injured Veterans and their families.

I am confident that the low price of my new comedy special and the fact that 20% of each $5 download will be donated to this very noble cause will prevent people from stealing it. Maybe I’m being naïve, but I trust you guys. Besides who would want the karma of stealing money from wounded Veterans? Come on you guys. How dare you even think about it?

True words, Jim. It’s really exciting to see Gaffigan following in C.K.’s footsteps because it proves an important point in light of the controversy surrounding SOPA/PIPA and other Orwellian bills: users are willing to purchase material if it is reasonably priced and worth the payment.

Of course, Gaffigan is well-aware of the potential for failure, as he writes:

If no one buys the special or if lots of people steal it then I suppose I will lose a lot of money and have egg on my face. But then again I have four kids so I am always losing money and usually have egg or some kind of food on my face so it might just feel normal.

Honestly, I doubt Gaffigan has anything to worry about. His fan base is equal to or greater than that of C.K.’s, and he has already generated a good amount of publicity.

With this info in mind, will Gaffigan experience as much success as Louis C.K.? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Scott Kaufmann
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