Chart: Android Still 100,000 Apps Behind iOS

Chart: Android Still 100,000 Apps Behind iOS

Business Insider recently published a chart that illustrates the gap between Google’s Android app store and Apple’s iOS. Based on the data, the Android app store is still 100,000 apps behind iOS, which is pretty surprising considering the general consensus that Google is a more open platform with a quickly increasing number of users.

Jay Yarow, Senior Editor at Business Insider, writes:

What really matters, and isn’t reflected here, is which platform has the best applications. That’s a subjective question, but for the most part developers prioritize iOS first and Android second, thus giving iOS a slight edge in the quality department.

Alongside its greater number of apps, that slight edge might be enough to keep Apple ahead of Google in the apps department for the time being.

What do you think? As Android becomes standard on a greater number of devices, will Google eventually overwhelm Apple’s app offerings? Of course, it all really depends on how much app developers can stand to benefit from putting their apps on whichever operating system. So, is a switch to Android imminent, or is Apple still too enticing?

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