Let’s Talk Inclusive Marketing

Focus brand’s digital advertising on inclusive marketing.

Let’s Talk Inclusive Marketing

In my few decades on the planet, I’ve been exposed to millions upon millions of marketing and digital advertising materials. From billboards and television spots to digital ads and social posts, the variety and potential of products, brands, services, and offerings is virtually limitless. That is why continuing to bring inclusivity to marketing is an endeavor we, as marketers, should make a priority.

By practicing and promoting inclusive marketing, we can help to create a culture that is more characteristic of people as a whole. Inclusive marketing allows us to showcase and envelop various identities, distinctions, and demographics while providing opportunities to highlight our similarities and common ground. Inclusivity is not about meeting the status quo demographic or reaching for the diversity card. Inclusivity is about the desire to build and refine a skillset without relying on stereotypes.

How to Create Inclusive Marketing

The first place to start is to understand the impact your ad may have rather than your intent. There are many examples from across the globe of cases where companies may not have understood the potential impact of their campaigns. This leads to the alienation of entire demographics through their misrepresentation, exclusion, or hostility, whether intended or not.

It really is that simple. Understanding how your digital advertising may harm different audiences is the bedrock that we can build inclusive marketing on.

Additional Benefits of Inclusive Marketing

On the business side, inclusive marketing provides an opportunity to increase your bottom line by creating new moments where those previously alienated from your products are called into action simply because of their inclusion. By taking a moment to step back and listen, you can identify some easy, and necessary, wins within inclusive marketing. As well, understanding and effectively implementing inclusive marketing helps to diminish the possibility of a backlash caused by a perceived insensitivity to different demographics.

Implement Inclusive Marketing

The next time you prepare a new campaign or conduct research on potential audiences and demographics, take a moment to consider a few things before finalizing your findings.

  1. Clear your mind and try and understand things from a perspective with almost no context. Listen to what the marketing materials are telling you and how it could impact or exclude folks from your campaigns.
  2. Be honest with yourself. What predispositions do you have? What stereotypes have found their way into your life? How do they affect your work? How can you look past and provide more inclusive marketing?
  3. Finally, make sure you are grasping the contrast of inclusion and diversity. These terms do not always intercede and must be understood separately. Always look at impact versus intent.


The inclusive marketing line is not linear. It runs back and forth. It goes up. It goes down. It spins around. It has gaps that are still yet to be identified. If you don’t know where to start, Lucid Agency can help ensure your brand and digital advertising is tied to inclusion and acceptance. Reach out and we can chat about inclusive marketing.

Dylan Delich
[email protected]

Dylan is an account coordinator at Lucid Agency who works with clients to achieve their digital dreams during the workday. In his free time, he loves to cook, read, and explore the infinite abyss.

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