Tech Talk: Raspberry Pi

Tech Talk: Raspberry Pi

For most, computers are scary black boxes of magic. Raspberry Pi aims to take the edge off of that fear and make computers cool again by sending them to space, making arcade machines, and making sweet robots. Raspberry Pi’s are cheap, basic, credit card sized computers. They were initially designed to teach young people to program, but have become a huge hit with computer fanatics far and wide. They have been made into weather machines, super computers, and even web servers.

Web servers you ask? Yes, although don’t expect it to replace your current hosting provider. These pi’s run a linux operating system, a common operating system for web servers. With a network cable and “a little know how”, someone can build their very own web server. This little machine does not have the processing power to handle tons of requests like a full size server can; don’t expect to host your corporate site on one of these bad boys. It can handle a few requests and be used as a development server or your own intranet.

But why would I go through the trouble of setting up a server if I can’t make significant use of it? Good question, skeptical reader. Here are several awesome reasons to set up your own web server.

    • 1) You can say, “I have an internet just like this at home,” every time you go online anywhere outside your house. This also doubles over as a great pick up line.
    • 2) You can be in control of your house from anywhere with an internet connection. You can also hook it up to your TV so you can display a fireplace before you come home to give it that warm, digital feel.
  • 3) It teaches you A LOT about setting up full size servers because it is essentially a scaled down version of a real server. Once you set up your own server from scratch, you can tackle just about any problem your server will encounter. Even without server maintenance, building a server provides a greater understanding of how data is transferred online.

In conclusion, the Raspberry Pi is a pretty sweet gizmo that is rustling the jimmies of knowledge and exploration everywhere. And not only has the Raspberry Pi organization created this cool new computer, they also have an education fund to fuel the education of children and teens. And yes, you should totally buy one.

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