Lucid Agency partners with ASU CSE students on Capstone Project

Lucid Agency partners with ASU CSE students on Capstone Project

Each year, college seniors in ASU’s Fulton School of Engineering partner with a local business to complete their capstone project. Lucid Agency is excited to announce that this year, we were selected as one of the local partners. We will mentor a team of 6 students.

In our proposal, we tried to choose a project that would be engaging for a team of students, and that could reasonably be completed over the course of 9 months. Most importantly, we also wanted to make sure that the students would find the learning experience valuable. After several brainstorming sessions, we landed on:


Usually, the best inventions come about as a solution to a problem you’ve experienced first-hand. Lucid Agency moved from a cozy office to a much larger space in November of 2014. The move was a welcome change, but we have struggled this past year to find the ideal seating arrangement to accommodate our diverse team. We tried several configurations, attempting to balance job function, temperature preferences, noise levels, etc.

Open offices are great for collaboration, but less-than-great for those of us who are easily distracted. After lots of rearranging, we finally have a seating arrangement that seems to be working well. However, we were left wondering – cue infomercial voice –

“There has got to be a better way!”

I can’t imagine how a much larger team, such as a State Farm or a Freeport McMoran deals with coordinating seating in their corporate offices. How many hours are wasted due to a less-than-ideal arrangement? How much time does an office manager spend shuffling and re-shuffling requests to move?

We thought this would be the perfect issue for a team of brilliant ASU CSE students to solve! The students agreed, and our proposal was eagerly picked up. 2 weeks ago, the team has begun work on a software application that will allow corporate office managers to determine an optimal seating arrangement for employees. The application will allow an office manager to upload an existing office floorplan, along with employee profiles that measure a variety of factors about individual employees, such as job function, room temperature preference, etc. The interface will employ an algorithm, based on the employee profiles, to output an ideal recommended seating arrangement for optimal efficiency and comfort.

The students on our team will gain experience in:

  • creating an algorithm
  • data analysis
  • structuring a database
  • wireframing/prototyping
  • Interface design
  • project management
  • spatial planning

When the project is complete, Lucid intends to put it to the test – let’s see if science can do a better job than us humans! We meet with the team every 2 weeks, and have seen staggering progress so far. The project should be complete in April of 2016, at which points the students will present their working application. At this time, we want to open a sign-up form for interested parties. If you would like to beta test the Ideal Seating Chart application for your business once the application is ready, please fill out the form on this page:

Lucid Agency
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