Learn How to Make Volunteerism A Part of Your Company

Learn How to Make Volunteerism A Part of Your Company

Once a trend, now the norm, creating a culture of philanthropy within our workplace benefits our employees as much as the community we serve.

We often get questions about how we find projects and organizations to partner with. We know it can seem intimidating to organize volunteer activities for your company when you don’t know where to start. Read on for helpful tips to start your own workplace philanthropy program:

How do I start a volunteer program at my company? Does it take a lot of work?

Participating in one program is all it takes to get involved in your community and begin your workplace program. Get outdoors and organize a group outing to build a house or clean a playground. Or stay inside and organize food boxes, serve a meal to the needy, collect toys for kids before the holidays, or tutor children after school. The options are endless, but that leaves the question “How do I figure out what will work for my team?”

Identify your team members’ skill sets.

Are your team members outgoing or shy? Or are they athletic and ready to run for charity? Enjoy working with kids? Prefer to work behind the scenes? Are they ultra-organized? Identifying team strengths will steer you towards making the right selection.

Be realistic with your available time.

Do you have the time and staff resources to organize and run a fundraising gala? Can you only manage one or two days a year for the team to be out-of-office? Would allowing employees to incorporate individual projects into their schedules work best? Being realistic with the time and resources available to you will ensure that giving back to the community is an added benefit to employees and not cause for stress.

Where do I find organizations to partner with my company?

Poll employees and you will likely find a few who are already involved in an organization that could use more help. Other great resources include your city’s website, for local organizations that might be close by your office, and/or an online repository like Volunteer Match, for more nonprofits in your area.

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