Ability360 Update: April 2018

Ability360 Update: April 2018

Lucid Agency is thrilled to be working with Ability360, the winners of the first Lucid Agency $50K Charity  Giveaway. Getting to know the creative and enthusiastic team at Ability360 over the last few months has been a pleasure. The passion each team member has for the work they do is contagious and we have already learned so much. Plus, they love happy hour as much as we do! We foresee many future meetings taking place at the newly-opened restaurant at the Ability 360 campus. But that’s for another update, so let’s dive into the project. 

One of the biggest challenges Ability360 shared with us was a lack of brand awareness. As the #1 provider of home health services in Arizona and a leading advocacy force for Arizonans with disabilities, the organization feels like they are a best kept secret. As we dove into the organization and discovered all of the amazing services available we knew a brand awareness campaign would be most beneficial.

Ability360’s state-of-the-art fitness center usually takes center stage. The facility is one of only a few in the United States, so it attracts athletes from all over the world, including members of the U.S. Paralympic team. But the Fitness Center is only part of what the Ability360 organization provides to the community. To showcase Ability360 in its entirety, we are putting our efforts into a new website, a video highlighting service offerings, and a social media campaign.

The Ability360 marketing team (L to R): John Beaubien, Jennifer Longdon, Clinton McDaniel (back), Rebeca Cavazos, Loren Worthington

Through many collaborative meetings we have confirmed our plan and are underway auditing Ability360’s marketing materials, website, and video archives. Check back often to see how the project is developing.



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