Google Lifts Ban on Trademark Use

Google Lifts Ban on Trademark Use

I’m actually shocked that it took Google this long to fold and give in on this. Until now, advertisers on Google’s Adwords platform, have been unable to use specific trademark names and phrases in their advertisements titles, because of an inhouse Google Trademark Policy. That all changed today when Google lifted it’s ban in it’s trademark policy on using trademark keywords in the titles of ads placed by unrelated competitors.

This comes after a recent Google change that allowed advertisers outside of the US to bid on United States trademarked keywords. Most likely this is a simple play to increase revenue, as Google faces decreasing revenue and overall economic decline in the United States, and world economies. With this new change in Google’s Trademark Policy, Brand trademark owners will now have to compete with non-trademark owners bidding on their keywords and using their name in the title.

Here’s the full story.

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