“Bing It On” Campaign Challenges Google

“Bing It On” Campaign Challenges Google

In the latest bit of drama between Bing and Google, Microsoft has launched the “Bing It On” campaign. While its title inspires a good eye roll, the campaign endeavors to show users in a blind comparison test that Bing provides more relevant results than Google.

It works like this: users go to BingItOn.com and conduct a search. A side-by-side screen shows two sets of results, and users select a winner. At the end of five rounds, they see which search engine they chose for each of the five queries and a winner is declared.

According to Bing Director Stephan Weitz:

Google is such a habit, people don’t think of the choice of engine they’re making. People have told us they prefer Bing’s results at a 2 to 1 margin. We encourage everyone to take the test for themselves to see if they agree.

And the results seem to support Weitz’s statement. Based on results gathered by Answers Research, 57% of participants chose Bing, 30% chose Google and 12% saw no preference in the results.

I decided to “Bing It On” myself. In the five rounds, I searched for three items related to local search and two items related to media. I chose Google’s results 4 out of 5 times. Microsoft, you did not “Bing It On” hard enough.

I found that Google’s results pulled up more recent information and provided many more links to a variety of pages that were still relevant to my search query. On the other hand, Bing’s results focused more on returning headlines and exact-match results instead of Google’s smorgasbord of recent articles, YouTube videos, and quality information.

Of course, most of my searches were pretty local (“UCR” refers to my college). Searching for more general subjects might yield more hits in Bing’s favor.

Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think.

Scott Kaufmann
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Scott is Partner at Lucid Agency and a lover of all things technology, marketing, investing and entrepreneurship. Scott volunteers on the board of the Denver-based Nonprofit Celebrate EDU and as a mentor for SeedSpot (a Phoenix-based social startup incubator).

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