5 Ways to Boost Your Local SEO Strategy on Your Google My Business Listing

Optimize your Google My Business listings as part of your local SEO strategy.

5 Ways to Boost Your Local SEO Strategy on Your Google My Business Listing

In a 2018 survey by Moz, Google My Business factors were said to make up about 25% of the local search algorithm. There’s no question Google My Business is an essential part of any local SEO strategy, but are you taking advantage of all its benefits?

Google’s mission remains the same:  to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. So, it’s no wonder why the Google My Business platform continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of today’s users.

Google added plenty of new features to the platform within the past year, and whether you have one listing or one hundred, your business will benefit from the time you invest in optimizing your listings.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind as part of your Google My Business local SEO strategy:

1. Google Posts

Google Posts rolled out this past year, giving listing owners the ability to add a post with an image, text (300-word maximum), post/event title, and call-to-action button.

This feature allows businesses to:

  • Promote events
  • Announce promotions
  • Syndicate blog content or news
  • Showcase products or services
  • Encourage newsletter sign-ups

The posts show within the listing in search or map results and, depending on the post type, expire after 7 days of posting. Posts have basic analytics for clicks and impressions and can be added directly within the business dashboard.

Many businesses are not taking advantage this feature even though it provides another opportunity to share social or blog content, drive users to their site, or to simply communicate a message to those searching for information about the business. Actively posting to your listing could help with discoverability in search results and may even impact the overall ranking of your listing.


2. Google Q&A

Within the Q&A section of your listing, users can ask questions that can either be answered by you or another user. This is great way to engage with those looking for information about your business, but it can also have an SEO benefit if done properly.

By adding frequently asked questions to your business listing, you can curate a place for users to get more information while also providing more content for Google. You can also add in keywords relevant to your business for another layer of optimization.


3. Photos & Videos

Add photos and videos to your business listing and encourage your customers to do so as well. The addition of video to Google My Business is fairly new, so be sure to take full advantage!


4. Reviews

According to BrightLocal, 86% of customers read reviews for local businesses and 50% of customers will visit a business’s website after reading positive reviews. If you don’t already have a plan to generate and monitor reviews for your business, it’s time to create one.

Reviews help you earn trust among your customers. Positive reviews can help increase the discoverability of your business listing. Aim to respond to all reviews in a timely matter. For both positive and negative reviews, thank the user for taking the time to share their experience. Make your responses personal and relevant.


5. Listing Data

Take advantage of the new fields in Google My Business so Google has more information about your business.

Examples of information you can add include:

  • A services menu
  • The opening date of a new location
  • Your business description
  • Appointment booking links

By continuing to add new information to your listing, you provide users with more content to engage with, which helps your rankings.

What to Do After Updating Your Google My Business Page

Once you’ve explored the many useful features of Google My Business and implemented these changes, use Google’s resources to find additional ways to improve your listing. Google has rolled out a variety of reports to help you understand how users find your listing and how they engage with it.

The Insights tab within your Google My Business dashboard helps you to understand items like:

  • How users search for your business
  • What queries were used to find your listing
  • Search and maps views
  • Customer actions


Google My Business is a powerful tool to have in your local SEO strategy toolkit. As with all Google products, it will continue to evolve to better meet the needs of users. With every evolution, your business has new opportunities to engage with potential customers. Are you taking advantage of all of them?


If have any questions about optimizing your Google My Business listings or developing a local SEO strategy, the team at Lucid Agency is here to help! Let’s chat.

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