The Cocktail Diaries: Poppin’ Pumpkin Shots

The Cocktail Diaries: Poppin’ Pumpkin Shots

From the Lucid Test Kitchen

Between the onset of fall and Halloween approaching, October has all of us at Lucid Agency buzzing with excitement of the promise of cooler temps and spooky festivities. When I started to think about a cocktail to highlight this month, I knew it had to include pumpkin — it would be sacrilegious not too — but I didn’t want to jump too far onto the pumpkin bandwagon. After all, nothing can compete with a spiked Pumpkin Spiced Latte.

Little did I know, inspiration would find me while I was perusing through Luci’s Healthy Marketplace on a Saturday morning. I was stopped in my tracks after seeing my favorite childhood candy that always prompted me to “taste the explosion” — Pumpkin flavored POP ROCKS®. Seeing the small package of candy transported me to my childhood visits to the neighborhood candy store and outings to the Ice Cream Man — I knew this quintessentially kid-approved candy would be the perfect ingredient to make an October-themed adult beverage; because kids shouldn’t be the only ones eating copious amounts of sweets this month.

Check out the recipe and variations below for a magical and delicious way to enjoy fall and a great addition to any Halloween party.

Poppin’ Pumpkin Shot

1 oz. Amaretto
1 oz. Spiced rum (we used Captain Morgan)
2 oz. Irish cream liqueur
1 cinnamon stick
1 pack of pumpkin flavored POP ROCKS®


Pour POP ROCKS® onto a plate. Dip the rim of your shot glass in water — shaking off excess liquid — and roll the rim onto the plate of POP ROCKS® (be warned, you may have some POP ROCK casualties at this step). Add all of your ingredients — with the exception of the POP ROCKS® and cinnamon stick — to a shaker over ice and shake until thoroughly mixed. Use a strainer to carefully pour the delicious mixture into your glass. Top with a dash of grated cinnamon.


  • Add a teaspoon of pumpkin puree for a more intense pumpkin flavor.
  • If you don’t have a cinnamon stick on hand, swap out the spiced rum for cinnamon schnapps to keep that same cinnamon-y taste.
  • For a more elegant feel, add 1 oz. of half-and-half and make a Poppin’ Pumpkin Martini.
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