Timeline is Coming

Timeline is Coming

Get ready for the Online Complain Train, folks. It’s official, whether you’re a fan or not: Facebook Timeline is set to become a standard feature on all profiles over the next few weeks.

The latest Facebook profile change has received mixed reviews since it was first introduced last year. Some people love the cover photo feature (Mashable has compiled some truly awesome ones here), but others find the layout difficult to navigate and far too intrusive.

I’d have to agree. Everything below the cover photo feelscluttered and photo albums are difficult to find, making Facebook Stalking much more of a challenge. Plus, it’s easier than ever for users to view posts from any moment in your life; all they have to do is find a particular year and click “All Posts,” unless you’re vigilant about your privacy settings.

Here’s how Facebook is pitching Timeline:

As always, change is never welcome on the Internet, but odds are pretty good that the ruckus over Timeline will boil over in just a few weeks. Or will it?

Google+ is seeing Timeline as an opportune time to unveil their new target demographic: teens. Previously restricted to individuals aged 18 and older, Plus has recently opened up to people between the ages of 13 – 17.

According to GrownUpThinking.com, evidence suggests that the teen demographic is itching for a Facebook alternative. Based on their research, many of the teens who participated in the survey called the changes “confusing, annoying, disappointing and useless.”

With Timeline presenting more change than some users might welcome, can we expect to see more attention coming to Google+?

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