Weekly Digital News Roundup: March 26 – 30

Weekly Digital News Roundup: March 26 – 30

Yahoo Announces “Do Not Track” Tool

  • Yahoo recently announced the implementation of a “do not track” tool on its global network, which includes Right Media and Interclick properties.
  • “With this new feature, Yahoo! continues its leadership in privacy innovation while continuing to create the free online services consumers demand that are made possible through advertising,” Yahoo wrote in a release. The tool will be accessible by early summer and will “provide a simple step for consumers to express their ad targeting preferences” to Yahoo.
  • “Do not track” tools have received some heated discussion recently. Both the White House and the FTC say they’re looking to work with the ad industry to implement voluntary options for consumers who don’t want to participate in third-party data collection.

User Engagement on Google+ Increases for Brands

  • While Google+ isn’t as bustling as other social networks, companies are continuing to implement Brand Pages. Reports indicate that consumer engagement is responding to Brand activity, particularly in the mornings and on Wednesdays.
  • Simply Measured, a social media measurement company, reports that Wednesdays were the most popular days for brand posts and user engagement with those posts. Furthermore, mornings saw the most engagement from users. This information was based on 37,654 comments, +1s and reshares occurring between 9 – 10am among verified Brand pages.
  • This activity indicates that users are incorporating Google+ activity into their morning social network routines. Facebook: check. Reddit: check. Google+: newly checked.

Facebook’s Impending Search Engine

  • BusinessWeek reports that Facebook is planning to improve its search abilities. An internal team, led by former Googler Lars Rasmussen, is set on improving the social network’s site search.
  • According to Mashable, “the idea is to take better advantage of the heaps of content Facebook users create on — and off — the site every day. With people sharing status updates and supporting brand pages on the network, as well as using Facebook’s ‘Like’ button to mark articles and videos from external sites, there is certainly a lot to take advantage of.”
  • This isn’t an instance of Facebook challenging Google’s monopoly on web search. Instead, improving Facebook’s internal search would incorporate a better layout, presentation, and search algorithm. The change is expected to be welcomed by advertisers, provided PPC opportunities are part of the package.

Google Makes the Most of April 1st

  • We all love a good prank, particularly when it’s created by big-name companies like Google. This year, Google definitely didn’t disappoint. Here are the links to my personal favorites!
  • Gmail Tap
  • Google Fiber
  • Catblock
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