Digital Down Low: September 9

Digital Down Low: September 9

LinkedIn Conversion Tracking Is Here!

  • According to Marketing Land, marketers advertising on LinkedIn have been longing for the ability to marry their website conversion goals, such as form fills, to their ad performance data in LinkedIn Campaign Manager. Today, LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions team announced the official release of its native conversion tracking for Sponsored Content and Text Ads.
  • The built-in conversion tracking measures how many leads, sign-ups, content downloads, and purchases are generated from specific campaigns and ad creative. B2B advertisers now have the ability to examine their conversion performance and adjust campaign statuses, budgets and bids, side-by-side.
  • Here are four key things you need to know before you set up your LinkedIn Ads conversion tracking:
  1. The LinkedIn insight tag is placed across your entire web property. Tip: Use Google Tag Manager to place your LinkedIn insights tag.
  2. There are seven new conversion-themed metric types: conversions, post-click conversions, view through conversions, conversion rate, cost per conversion, total conversion value and return on ad spend.
  3. Conversion tracking needs to be assigned to individual campaigns.
  4. Attribution includes both view-through and post-click conversions. This allows advertisers to better understand assists versus direct response conversion totals, and allocate budget according to their goals.


Twitter Realeases Amazon Alexa App

  • According to TechCrunch, Twitter has launched an app for Amazon’s voice platform Alexa, which means you can listen to the latest from Twitter right on your Echo speaker or other Alexa-powered device. The new app can give you general information on trends, or deliver information from your own account, says Twitter.
  • According to the app’s description you’ll need to authenticate with your Twitter account in order to get started. Afterwards, you can launch the app by saying “Alexa, open Twitter.”
  • The virtual assistant can then read your home Timeline to you, as well as your Mentions, Retweets, and Likes. As with other Alexa Skills, you’ll have to learn how to ask for these items, by saying things like “Alexa, ask Twitter for my own tweets,” “Alexa, ask Twitter has anyone retweeted me?,”, “Alexa, ask Twitter for my Mentions,”, “Alexa, ask Twitter what is happening?” and so on. In addition, the app can provide more general information from Twitter’s service, like the current trends or the local trends – meaning, trends for your particular location.


Google’s Clever Plan To Stop ISIS 

  • According to WIRED, Google has built a half-trillion-dollar business out of divining what people want based on a few words they type into a search field. In the process, it’s stumbled on a powerful tool for getting inside the minds of some of the least understood and most dangerous people on the Internet: potential ISIS recruits. Now one subsidiary of Google is trying not just to understand those would-be jihadis’ intentions, but to change them.
  • Jigsaw, the Google-owned tech incubator and think tank—until recently known as Google Ideas—has been working over the past year to develop a new program it hopes can use a combination of Google’s search advertising algorithms and YouTube’s video platform to target aspiring ISIS recruits and ultimately dissuade them from joining the group’s cult of apocalyptic violence. The program, which Jigsaw calls the Redirect Method and plans to launch in a new phase this month, places advertising alongside results for any keywords and phrases that Jigsaw has determined people attracted to ISIS commonly search for.
  • “This came out of an observation that there’s a lot of online demand for ISIS material, but there are also a lot of credible organic voices online debunking their narratives,” says Yasmin Green, Jigsaw’s head of research and development. “The Redirect Method is at its heart a targeted advertising campaign: Let’s take these individuals who are vulnerable to ISIS’ recruitment messaging and instead show them information that refutes it”.The results, in a pilot project Jigsaw ran early this year, were surprisingly effective: Over the course of about two months, more than 300,000 people were drawn to the anti-ISIS YouTube channels.
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