Digital Down Low: September 2

Digital Down Low: September 2

Reports Say Instagram Is The King Of Engagement Among Retailers

  • According to MediaPost, when it comes to digital smarts, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Kohl’s and JC Penney rank at the Genius Level, according to the latest report from think tank L2. But while the industry as a whole is getting sharper, now spending 52% of digital ad budgets on mobile and maximizing customer engagement on Instagram, stores are still no match for the Amazon onslaught.
  • The company ranks retailers’ digital IQ by looking at four key areas: Its site and e-commerce skills, digital marketing, social media and mobile strategies. Only four reached what L2 considers genius level, with a combined score of 140 or above. The remainder of the top 10 scored at what it calls the “gifted” level, including ASOS, Bloomingdale’s, Marks & Spencer, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and Sears. It notes that most retailers are scrambling to keep pace with the bar set by Amazon Prime, with 69% offering next-day shipping, up from 58% last year, while 27% are now offering same-day delivery, compared with 15% in last year’s report.
  • L2 says retailers are now devoting 52% of their digital budgets to mobile in the U.S. But while smartphones were responsible for 45% of web shopping traffic in the first quarter of 2016, on par with desktops, the report says conversion continues to be a major hurdle, with 90% of those adding an item to mobile shopping cart bailing out before buying. In social media, it says “Instagram remains the king of engagement,” with interactions that are “10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter.”


Facebook Pushing Advertisers To Speed Ads Up

  • According to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook wants advertisers to speed up their mobile websites and plans to limit where and when ads appear across its service if they point users to slow-loading sites. Advertisers might soon find their ads aren’t delivered to mobile users with slow internet connections, for example, if their websites load slowly when users tap on those ads.
  • “Our goal is to give people the best ad experience possible on mobile. By considering website performance and a person’s network connection, we can improve that experience and help drive the outcomes advertisers are looking for,” a Facebook spokesman said.
  • As much as 40% of website visitors abandon a site once there has been a loading delay of 3 seconds, Facebook said, citing a report by technology research company Aberdeen Group. For its part, Facebook said it would begin “prefetching” advertisers’ websites to help speed up their loading times even further. This will essentially involve Facebook’s app pre-loading a version of an advertiser’s site before a user even taps on an ad, which Facebook said can shorten mobile site load time by up to 29%, improving the experience and decreasing the risk of the consumer leaving the page and moving on to something else.


Welcome To Google Analytics Solutions

  • According to Marketing Land, Google Analytics will now be known as Google Analytics Solutions and they will continue to push toward enterprises with the launch of Workspaces, a new collaborative feature that’s available in both Google Tag Manager and Tag Manager 360. The goal, according to Google’s announcement, is to solve workflow challenges that agencies and multi-user teams often faced when making and editing tags.
  • According to their blog, “Workspaces give you more than one space to do your work. Teammates can now easily work on tags at the same time, or make quick changes without publishing everything that’s in the works. Simply create a new workspace, make your changes, and hit publish. Tags, triggers, and variables being worked on in other workspaces will remain unaffected”.
  • Google says Tag Manager will tell users if tags are changed in a different workspace and help guide them through the process of resolving any conflicts created in that situation. Tag Manager 360 customers will be able to create unlimited workspaces, while regular Tag Manager users will get three workspaces per container. The new workspaces functionality will be available in September of 2016.
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