Digital Down Low: September 16

Digital Down Low: September 16

NFL Week 2: Twitter Debuts Their First TNF Live Stream

  • According to the New York Times, the debut of an N.F.L. plan to live stream “Thursday Night Football” games on Twitter, the entire experience could have benefited from an accompanying “#spoilers” hashtag, as the instantaneous nature of Twitter ran headfirst into the speed-related flaws still inherent in streaming video.
  • It was a week 2 matchup between the Buffalo Bills and the New York Jets that drew the first Twitter simulcast, and in perhaps the most stark example of the biggest flaw, the flood of posts coming in about Revis Island having become a welcoming resort for wide receivers started several minutes before the accompanying video showed Marquise Goodwin streaking down the field past a stumbling Darrelle Revis for an 84-yard touchdown. The video quality was high, but as soon as the stream went live, fans noted how delayed the action was compared with the broadcast on CBS.
  • Viewers posting comments on the chat often noted where they were watching the stream, with some saying they were on planes or trains or, in a disturbing reality for employers on the West Coast, their offices. Twitter and the N.F.L. will get a shot at improving the service next week when the Houston Texans travel to New England to face the Patriots and the Tom Brady substitute Jimmy Garoppolo. The open questions are whether the N.F.L. can close the gap in timing, and whether fans, receiving a high-quality video for free, will care.


How To Move A Google Analytics Property

  • According to Marketing Land, Google has added a new feature to help users rein in and consolidate account management by allowing them to move Analytics properties from one account to another. With the new property-moving capability, all users can now move Analtyics properties, and the views nested in them, to different accounts in a simple two-step process. Once a property is moved, it will have feature parity with the other properties in the account.
  • For example, clients that had their accounts created by agencies will now be able to move their property out of an agency account and into one controlled by the client. An added benefit for Analytics 360 (formerly Analytics Premium) users is new roll-up reporting that allows users to aggregate data from multiple properties into one account.
  • To move a property from one account to another, the user has to have administrator access to both accounts. Go to the “Property Settings” page under the Admin section in the account that is being moved and click “Move Property” in the top right corner. After clicking the Move account button, use the drop-down on the next screen to select the destination account from the list of accounts available through your login. Then choose whether to keep the property’s existing user permissions or replace them with the user permissions of the destination account. Google says the move may take a few minutes to finalize.


LinkedIn Lite Helps Solve India’s Slow Internet Issues

  • According to Mashable, tech companies are increasingly realizing that if they want to make their services more accessible to Indians, they need to adapt to India’s slow internet speeds. After Facebook, Google and Twitter, LinkedIn is the latest to launch a “Lite” version of its service, specifically for India. The light version of LinkedIn’s mobile website, called LinkedIn Lite, is aimed at users with slow internet connections or those on metered internet connections with low download limits.
  • The Microsoft-owned company says its home page on the light website only consumes 150KB, and other pages weigh about 70KB. India is LinkedIn’s second largest market with over 37 million users and the company hopes that LinkedIn Lite would help it grow its user base as well as user engagement in the country. The move follows similar releases by Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Last year Facebook released Facebook Lite for Android in developing regions including India.
  • LinkedIn also announced that it is opening up its Placements program in the country to help students find the right job. For this, it has partnered with HackerRank, Aspiring Minds, Co-cubes and Wheebox to develop an online test for students, which will recommend jobs based on how they score. The Placements page currently lists around 50 jobs from companies including Amazon, HCL, Samsung, Airtel, Cognizant, and Tech Mahindra in areas such as software development and marketing.
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