Lead Nurturing: More Than Just Care & Encouragement

Lead Nurturing: More Than Just Care & Encouragement

You’ve worked hard to generate leads through digital initiatives and have watched your conversion rates rise, but you aren’t seeing an increase in customers. So where is the disconnect?

While lead generation is certainly an important part of online customer acquisition, once you have accomplished this step, your work is far from over! According to SiriusDecisions, 98% of leads qualified by marketing never result in closed business. This issue behind this is often a lack of lead nurturing.

What is lead nurturing?

At its core, lead nurturing is building a relationship with people who inquired about your product or service and engaging with them until they are ready to purchase. Lead nurturing comes in many forms and will vary based on the product or service you are offering. Here are some ways for you to accomplish it in the digital sphere.

Retargeted AdvertisingRetargetting

Have you ever been browsing the web and seen an ad for an item you looked at on a previous website? Chances are you’ve been retargeted. With retargeting, it is important to find the right medium between being helpful and being a stalker. You don’t want to overwhelm the user by constantly showing them your ad, especially when it is no longer relevant. Instead, you should cater your ad and message to where they are in their decision process. This is a great way for you to remain top-of-mind for customers who were interested in what you were offering, but weren’t ready to commit yet.

Personalized Content

The use of personalized content in marketing is growing rapidly. Consumers are being inundated with more information than ever before; making it vital that your content feels authentic, and created specifically for them. Personalization strategies range from inserting users first names into emails you send, to dynamically updating landing page content based on what you know about the user and where they are in the decision process. These tactics work together to provide the most relevant content to your user.

Get ConnectedFullSizeRender

Use your well-crafted content to impress current and future customers, while also building
your credibility. Connect with users on LinkedIn, get them to subscribe to your blog, follow them on Twitter and have them like your Facebook page. Whatever social channels the users are on, you should be on! Use these connections to interact with consumers, respond to questions, share your expertise, and ultimately, build the customer relationship.


Lead nurturing takes persistence and patience. Not all users will automatically sign up for your newsletter or purchase a product, but when you take the time to hold their hand through the decision process, chances are they will make their way home, otherwise known as the “submit” button.







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