Why You Should Be Repurposing Blogs and How to Do It

Reusing your content needs to be a part of your digital strategy.

Why You Should Be Repurposing Blogs and How to Do It

Do you actively post blogs on your website? Besides being a great SEO tool, blogs can be informative and entertaining for your readers. The typical blog process is posting a blog article, sharing it socially, maybe placing it in an email newsletter, and … that’s it.

With all the time you spend on making blogs, you should reuse this content in new ways.

Repurposing your content gives you the opportunity to reach your target audience in a new way. You can gain exposure for your brand and even grow your business. Plus, it’s less work than starting content from scratch.

In this blog, we show different ways to repurpose your content to incorporate into your digital strategy.


Focus on the Content People Like

Unfortunately, that article you spent hours on may not be worthy of repurposing. Before you post a blog article it can be hard to know whether people will want to read it. Once it’s posted, that’s a different story.

With the help of tools like Google Analytics, you can find out what posts people are clicking on, staying on, and revisiting. Focus on these blogs.

And, make sure the content is evergreen. In a few months, the content should still be relevant.

At this point, if you have relevant content with staying power, you’re doing great. Now you have some content you would like to reformat into something new. You have a few options.


Repurpose Existing Content

There are a few ways to repurpose blogs into new content. While the content you’re working with should be evergreen, it’s important to read over and make appropriate edits before starting to repurpose.


You always promote new blog posts on your social channels when you first post them. But did you know you can also promote popular articles a few months after it was posted? Before you do: republish with a new date to make the blog appear new and timely.

Send to a Publication

Research publications in your industry that have a large following and submit your content. If they decide to publish, a relevant audience will see your article and business. This can be used as a tool to gain more social followers and interest in your business.


If you find a theme when you’re looking at the best performing blog articles on your website, compile these blog articles into a webinar. As an added bonus, you can start to position your business as a thought leader if you make a habit of offering webinars and more in-depth resources your users find valuable.

Downloadable Guides

Expand, update, and reformat a top performing blog into a downloadable guide. If you ask for an email for download, this is a great tool for increasing your newsletter sign-ups.


Use the content to make a video. Take advantage of live video now, while social sites continue to incentive usage. Or, make a professional video and post it on avenues like YouTube.


This is another way to publish your content on an outside website. Reformat your copy to make sense with this content type.


When you add repurposing content into your digital strategy, you can see results with just a little tweaking and reformatting. If you’re struggling with making successful blog articles or reformatting copy for your business, we’d be happy to help.

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Karli is a Content Specialist at Lucid Agency. In her spare time, you can catch her groovin’ to 70s tunes, practicing yoga, or reading a new book.

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