The Cocktail Diaries: Handy Shandy

The Cocktail Diaries: Handy Shandy

Slightly off the beaten path of Mill Avenue, down 7th Street sits a building and outdoor space that immediately draws you in with its welcoming and intriguing ambiance. When you first walk in to Pedal Haus it greets you like a Choose Your Own Adventure story. Do you want to sit under string lights on the patio where you have a front row seat to occasional live music and access to fun games? Would you rather sit at the inside or outside bar to discuss the award-winning brews with a knowledgeable bartender? Or do you prefer a table inside next to the gigantic fermenting tanks and surrounded by an industrial-style design? Handy Shandy at Pedal Haus

When you finally choose your seat and browse the menu, you immediately recognize that this local brewery is a big-league brew player specializing in European and specifically German and Belgian-style beers. If the shiny brewing medals proudly adorning the wall don’t convince you, a sip of one of the 7 Pedal Haus brews or 3 seasonal & pilot selections will send you straight to beer heaven. Whether you try one or try them all, you are sure to find a delicious match. And don’t worry if you forgot your growler, Pedal Haus sells them!

The American gastropub vibe and the Belgian influence transfers into the fare as well. From bar snacks ̶ did someone day 2lb. nachos? ̶ to full entrées like smoked ribs and the widely requested chicken pot pie, to pizza, burgers, and salads, there is something for everyone.

Let’s not forget the reason we are here … the cocktails! While known for their beer, we have come to discover the Pedal Haus cocktail menu as a best kept secret in Tempe. Especially the Handy Shandy – a concoction designed for the beer and cocktail lover inside all of us. Mixing together delicious flavors of summer – lemon and peach – with the Pedal Haus IPA creates a refreshing blend that can make you forget the triple-digit temperatures.

Doc brewing beer at Pedal HausNormally beer isn’t at the top of the list as a cocktail ingredient, but thanks to Derek “Doc” Osborne, the brew master at Pedal Haus, their signature IPA offers a light-bodied flavor with an understandable hop profile, perfect for crafting an Arizona-based Shandy.

In preparation for summer, Pedal Haus is renovating to create an expanding indoor space that will keep you and all your friends cool as you enjoy their daily happy hour from 3-6:30 p.m. Head in today, there’s a Handy Shandy with your name on it! Handy Shandy outdoors at Pedal Haus

The Handy Shandy

1 oz. peach nectar
1 oz. house-made sweet and sour
4 oz. Pedal Haus IPA


Fill a frosted glass or beer mug with ice. Add peach nectar and sweet and sour, then top it off with Pedal House IPA. Stir up the delicious concoction and serve!

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