The Cocktail Diaries: Haboob

Cocktail Diaries: The Haboob at Crepe Bar

The Cocktail Diaries: Haboob

First: an Exciting Announcement

If you follow us, there’s one thing you know with certainty: we fancy cocktails. While crafting delicious concoctions in the Lucid Test Kitchen is one of the highlights of our month, we’ve realized — like most things in life — that it’s better left to the professionals. Follow along with us as we partner with local bars and restaurants to spotlight their Arizona-inspired cocktails for this monthly segment.

Cool, Cool. Now Let’s Get to the Part About the Cocktail 

Brunch. A word that immediately surges happiness through our veins. Sharing delicious food and drinks with friends, and the ultimate excuse to start your weekend mornings with an adult beverage … what’s not to love? In our never-ending venture of finding the best brunch spots in AZ, we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know Crêpe Bar in south Tempe.

The endless creativity of owner and chef Jeff Kraus takes brunch to an elevated level of playfulness and intrigue. Don’t just take our word for it; the daily lines that stretch out the door speak for themselves. Their menu is built by passion and attention to detail and guided by local, seasonal produce. And that emphasis on local is reflected in the cocktail menu by featuring Arizona Distilling Co. spirits in every cocktail.

When we asked Jeff if he would be interested in creating an Arizona-themed cocktail for our Cocktail Diaries series, you could immediately see the wheels turning. Within a matter of seconds, the Haboob was born!

The drink is a play on a signature Crêpe Bar cocktail, TeaTime, which features honey, pomegranate iced tea, and AZ Distilling Co. vodka. The Haboob invites the other senses to the party by adding mesquite smoke. The smokiness adds a distinct balance to the honey and ice tea flavors, while the addition of mint bitters makes the palate sing.

Every element of this cocktail shouts Arizona and makes us long for the days when we are locked inside watching the Valley be engulfed by dust. The only difference is this monsoon season is we will also have a Haboob inside. Don’t wait for July, head to Crêpe Bar any day of the week to enjoy the Haboob, a menu full of sweet, savory, and vegetable crêpes, and a variety of espresso, coffee, and non-crêpe items.

The Haboob 

2 oz. Arizona Distilling Co. vodka
3 oz. Bellocq iced tea
1 oz. fresh sour mix or lemonade
Dash of Arizona orange blossom honey
Couple dashes of Fee Brothers mint bitters
Mesquite smoke


Fill a shaker with ice and add vodka, iced tea, sour mix, and honey. Stir and strain into a coupe or highball glass. Top mixture with a couple dashes of mint bitters. Now for the fun part: it’s time to get out the smoker. You will need to seal the glass with the smoker nozzle inside so smoke can get in but not out. Use saranwrap or any other household items that meet this criteria. Add mesquite wood chips to the smoker and place the nozzle in the sealed glass. Turn on the smoker until the glass is full of thick smoke. Wait 30 seconds, get your camera ready, and then remove the cover.


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