Chart: Older Generations Prefer Tablets Over Computers

Chart: Older Generations Prefer Tablets Over Computers

Check out this chart from Business Insider. It illustrates the relationship between a person’s age and their perceived importance of a tablet like the iPad.

The survey asked people of varying ages who owned both a tablet and computer which they considered most important, and the results show that the older you get, the more important a tablet like the iPad becomes.

At first glance, the results might seem surprising because tablets are new and shiny and seem like they would appeal to the younger generation. However, younger generations seem to realize that their multi-tasking, media-using lives favor computers more than tablets. On the other hand (and based on the survey’s results), older generations seem more likely to favor the user-friendly ways of tablets thanks to their minimal features.

What do you think? Do the results make sense? If you own a tablet and computer, which do you think is more important?

Scott Kaufmann
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