We create the most effective, engaging & cutting-edge digital marketing and technology. Period.

Lucid is an award-winning digital marketing, advertising, design & technology agency headquartered in Tempe, Arizona. Take a shortcut to see how we do it, or read on for the full Lucid experience.


Lucid Agency creates interactive marketing and advertising campaigns and designs incredible websites and apps. We offer expertise in custom coded solutions, search marketing, user experience research, social media, content marketing, and email marketing with a singular focus: results.


We are truly obsessed when it comes to results. Lucid Agency unravels digital marketing and web technology challenges with award-winning digital strategy. Take a minute to check out our portfolio—the challenges, the solutions, and our results.


We’ve developed some of the highest performing interactive marketing strategies for Fortune 500 and high-growth organizations for the past 10+ years. Lucid Agency is comprised of highly-talented and experienced marketing and technology experts; working hard for clients who are serious about digital.

Our Services

We develop every digital marketing campaign and technology project from scratch, to accomplish your specific objectives. Trust us to guide you with innovative, clear and effective strategy. Take a shortcut to check out some of our featured services below, or dive in and learn more about what we do and how we do it.


User Experience design is focused on making an enjoyable, intuitive, rewarding experience for your website, app or interface users. Employees, customers and stakeholders all want an awesome experience. That’s what we do.


We build beautiful, innovative, responsive, pixel-perfect, customer and user-focused websites that accomplish your objectives. That’s a mouthful, but we’ll make the process easy and show you the way to website nirvana.


It’s not enough to design a cool app that gets a little attention. Your app needs to scratch an itch in a meaningful, intuitive and elegant way. That’s what we do.


We develop sophisticated, results-focused digital marketing programs for talented marketers at some of the worlds most innovative and leading organizations. The results you need are waiting.


Get to know your audience and reach them where they are; they are already there and just waiting for you to participate. Partner with us and connect at the right time and with the right message.


Bringing your public relations online to complement and enhance your traditional PR strategy is a smart idea. But you knew that already, that’s why you’re here right? So let’s get started.


Analytics is the starting block. Attribution modeling, customer segmentation, goal-tracking, sophisticated lead scoring, marketing intelligence and marketing automation is the pool. Let’s dive in together.

Incredible Results

Sophisticated interactive marketing strategies yield incredible results.

Exceeding client expectations is our prerogative. We work tirelessly to get you the visitor, lead, sale, subscription, registration, or download. We focus on overall ROI and your users every step of the way. Our recent case studies will give you an inside look at how we create successful campaigns.

Featured Clients

Thought Leadership

Learn about marketing, tech, design and more from our Lucid team members.

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Digital Marketing & Technology

Lucid Agency is a Phoenix-based digital marketing agency comprised of highly talented and experienced marketing and technology experts. We work for clients who are serious about their results, regardless of size.


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