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Don’t kid yourself, Internet Marketing is not for the timid, and neither is success. Your competition is using every possible advantage they have and you should be, too. That’s why you’re on our website, reading about Lucid Agency, Arizona’s premier Internet Marketing Agency. Give us a few more minutes and we’ll tell you how we can help you move to be a highly successful and digitally-native organization.

We believe interactive marketing should be easy to understand, so we take the time to come up with innovative and effective campaigns. Our goal is to make your digital project or campaign clear and easily understood, hence our name – Lucid.

Check out how we do it, or peruse our services below and click on anything that catches your eye to dive in.

Interactive Marketing

Become a Digital Leader

We are proud to help respected organizations solve complex digital marketing and technology challenges, and we do so by focusing on strategy and results; not trendy tools. We develop a custom strategy for each client based on your objectives, time frame, budget, audience and market strategy.

User Experience Design

UX Design focuses on designing website interactions to make user experiences more efficient, productive, and easy to navigate.

You want more customers to interact with your site and contact you, but your phone isn’t ringing off the hook like you had hoped. Why? Chances are, you’ve got an issue with user experience. Find out how user experience design can lead the user through the process you want them to take, allowing them to get in touch with you more easily and efficiently than ever before.

Web Architecture & Design

Your website is your first impression.

We have been building high-converting and engaging websites for years because we understand the power of an expertly-designed website. We won’t build you a generic website; rather, we pride ourselves in our ability to build websites that perform as fully-optimized marketing vehicles to garner the attention of major search engines and your customers.

App Architecture & Design

Stay ahead of the curve.

Web and mobile apps are what allow businesses to stay on top of their game, whether they’re based on user services, business services, or data services. At Lucid, we know how important apps are, so we develop engaging and efficient web apps to ensure that your company receives the most benefit from website interactions.

Social Media

Your customers are talking about you right now, and not just in person, but online.

You need to be aware of this conversation, understand it, and then create a strategic plan to participate in and enhance the conversation; encouraging positive commentary and more loyal brand fans. Social media management campaigns can be customized for your business and target market. The possibilities are endless when you partner with an experienced social media marketing company.

Online Public Relations

We will complement and enhance the traditional PR efforts of your organization.

Whether you need brand monitoring, online reputation management, or just some optimized press releases, Lucid will partner with you to meet your specific online public relation needs. We have the tools to track your brand online and filter through the data to discover what matters most within your industry. Don’t wait until it’s too late.


If you’re not on Google, you kind of don’t exist.

Search Engine traffic is powerful lead and revenue source, and we know all the ways to harness it. Learn how to best greet your audience with optimum content and web services to nurture the lead or sale. We collect, measure, and report on this profitable traffic entering your site, and analyze it to work on every level of your marketing campaigns.

Industries We Know Well

From Fortune 500 companies to start-ups, we’ve worked with almost everyone – let’s add you and round out the list. While we have found success in more industries than we can count on all of our hands and feet, here are a few we have incredible experience in:

Real Estate


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