Who knew that a $77 dollar dress could take the Internet by storm? As many have seen, the picture of a dress (originally posted by Caitlin McNeill) has invaded every form of popular social media. With 16 million hits in 6 hours and at its peak 670,000 simultaneous views on Buzzfeed, the dress took social media by storm. With the debate in full swing, what color is the actual dress? Of course the correct way to answer this is through more color-oriented pictures.
Lately there has been a lot of discussion about how to effectively measure social media campaigns. Should we measure impressions on a CPM basis, should we measure a 1st step interaction such as a video play or should we measure the user interaction in length of time? Perhaps we should we try to track social to an ROI level as we do with organic search engine optimization, pay-per-click (paid search), display, email, and other interactive marketing with more clearly definable metrics?
We spent a little time over the past week compiling a list of the top 100 social media websites, as reported by Alexa. Most of what we found was expected, some was not. For example, was number 7 on the list. We knew the document sharing tool was getting more and more popular, but didn't realize it has already ascended to a top 10 position that quickly. So, we thought we would use Scribd to post this full list. Enjoy! - Scott
I never thought i'd see the day when the US State Department would ask Twitter to reschedule maintenance for the site until later, as it was determined to be important in the news coverage of the Iranian Election. I suppose there are other uses for the start-up Microbogging site than the usual updates letting me know my friends have gotten a $5 footlong, or that a relationship break-up is looming.
It’s kind of ironic that I found this article today when I was catching up on my latest industry news. About a month ago myself and a few of the Lucid guys were talking about how social media seems to be the "cure-all" right now, and everybody wants it. Yet most people don't know why they want it, or if it even makes sense for their business. Don’t get me wrong, I love facebook. Yet, social media marketing is tough, time consuming and really takes an understanding of the customer. It's not just having a profile on Facebook, Myspace or Twitter, just to have one. We get clients coming to us all the time asking if we can setup a twitter or facebook campaign for them. Often, when we get down to brass tacks and figure out the business need, Twitter or Facebook isn't the answer.