Web Developer (Part-Time)

Web Developer (Part-Time)

We are looking for a part-time team member to join us as soon as possible. Are you a rock star web developer with some personality and a zest for pixel perfect, and just generally awesome, code? In other words, if you love HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript and you know the inside guts of WordPress… maybe you even have a healthy hatred for IE 7 (and below)…well, old sport, then this could be the perfect job for you!

At Lucid, we thrive on a challenge, and there “might” be some treats and craft beers in the fridge to reward a job well done. We’re looking for a great new agency member who will enjoy working with a team to develop concepts and execute beautiful, simple, fluid and innovative solutions to our clients website problems. Lucid is a vibrant environment full of the smartest people around, all working to accomplish pretty incredible things.

Your role will include a really wide variety of projects and no two days will be the same. Things you will work on during the day could be making new transparent images for a website in Photoshop, implementing a new Parallax implementation on a client website, designing a new database schema, working with a PHP framework or perhaps figuring out how that malware got on a client site (and then making it squeaky clean). We are in need of creative solutions and someone that isn’t scared by a last minute request from a client, but rather enjoys a fast-paced agency environment.

Your position requirements will be 99% amazing cutting-edge web development, and 1% general awesomeness.

The skill set required to be successful in this position includes the following:

  • Web Site Development (start to finish – working with Photoshop files, building database, mark-up, php and JavaScript)
  • WordPress Setup and Development
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • PHP and JavaScript
  • Database Setup and Management
  • Web Design Software such as Photoshop and Illustrator (primarily for image extraction used in coding, not necessarily design as we have design resources for that purpose)
  • Support Software Management
  • Hosting / FTP Experience
  • Client Communication

Location and Hours: Please note you must have availability to work on-site at our offices in Downtown Tempe (on Mill Avenue) for approximately 10-30 hours per week. Hours will fluctuate based on client workload and your schedule.

The following is a list of traits we look for with our team members:

  • Working toward or has a degree, or equivalent experience in web programming/development/computer science and or computer engineering
  • Great team player with a positive attitude
  • Excellent patience and ability to communicate technology to non-technology focused individuals
  • Goal oriented & can work hard to hit deadlines
  • Attention to detail is absolutely critical
  • Critical thinking and problem solving are necessary
  • Highly experienced with all Microsoft office products, particularly Excel, Word and PowerPoint
  • A very strong work ethic and ability to deal with the frequently changing work load including varied projects and fast-paced situations associated with an interactive marketing and technology agency

Compensation: Compensation will be hourly and based on your experience.

Interested? Great! Fill out the application below and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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