Digital Marketing Account Manager

Digital Marketing Account Manager

Lucid Agency is expanding rapidly and is looking for a full-time interactive Account Manager with 3+ years of actual agency digital marketing experience, preferably also account management experience in the interactive marketing and technology space.

This is a strategic role in account management that will primarily involve client management, account strategy, execution, and team leadership. Candidates should be familiar with all aspects of online marketing and be able to show a track record of successful account management, revenue generation, and strategic leadership.

Specific interactive marketing expertise should include pay-per-click campaigns, search engine optimization, Facebook, Email, LinkedIn, Retargeting, and other online paid advertising campaign management. More details on this below.

If you meet these requirements and are looking for an exciting place to work, then this might be perfect for you!

About Lucid Agency: Lucid offers a thriving, tech-oriented, team-based environment, where we solve some of the most challenging marketing and technology problems for our clients. It’s a company filled with extremely smart, hardworking people, who value both the insights of teamwork and the productivity of autonomy. We are fast and nimble, and strive to always embrace innovation and improvement. “Good enough” is a curse word here. Oh, and we have been ranked in the top of “best places to work in Phoenix” for four years in a row!

Location and Hours: Please note you must be available to work during standard business hours of 8:30am to 5:30pm, and this job is required to work on-site at our offices in Downtown Tempe (off Mill Avenue).

Required experience would include:

  • A proven track record of account management experience and/or team/department leadership experience with experience managing a team
  • Pay-per-click campaign strategy and active management
  • Organic optimization (aka SEO) strategy and execution experience
  • Social media outreach and advertising (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+, etc.)
  • Email campaign strategy and execution
  • User Experience design and website conversion strategy
  • A/B and Multivariate Testing
  • Google Analytics and Google AdWords knowledge

Job Functions:

  • Managing all employees on your team
  • Account and campaign strategy development & ongoing results analysis and strategy refinement
  • Account direction and management including managing client relationships, project plans, and work delivery
  • Manage a team of interactive marketing professionals to exceed client expectations
  • Client meetings, presentations, and daily communication
  • Researching and pursuing opportunities for client growth
  • Assistance with research and presentations for new business development as necessary

Profile of Ideal Candidate:

  • Takes initiative to innovate and solve problems without direct supervision and/or direction
  • 3+ years experience in interactive marketing industry, including a proven track record of successful account direction and management
  • Experience managing a team of people, accomplishing a high level of performance
  • Excellent writing and grammatical skills, and articulate when speaking. Highly organized with an ability to always hit deadlines for assigned work, and manage a team to hit deadlines
  • Highly experienced with Microsoft office products, particularly Excel, Word, and PowerPoint
  • An adept internet user, familiar with various browsers and search engines
  • A very strong work ethic and ability to deal with the frequently changing work load including varied projects and fast-paced situations associated with an advertising and marketing agency

Compensation: Compensation will be a lucrative salary and benefits package, based on your past experience and what you can bring to the table. Other benefits include paid health insurance, flexible paid vacation and sick days, and much more. So you’ve read all this and you think you are the perfect candidate for this position? You’ve got what it takes and are ready to kick butt? Great! Tell us why, below.

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