Digital Designer (Part-Time)

Digital Designer (Part-Time)

Lucid Agency is looking for a web designer who not only wants to make the world wide web a prettier place but also a user-friendly and accessible environment. If you are confident in your software proficiency and looking to hone your strategy and design thinking in an agency, we want you!


Our ideal candidate:

  • Has availability for 15+ hours per week on a fixed schedule.
  • Has or is pursuing a degree in visual communications, graphic design, or other related field.
  • Is a junior or senior in college.
  • Has experience in or focused on the digital realm.
  • Is interested in a full-time job upon graduation.
  • Cares about user experience and accessibility in design.
  • Values consistency and cleanliness in their working docs.
  • Has excellent writing and grammatical skills.
  • Is articulate when speaking.
  • Is highly organized and able to hit deadlines for assigned work.
  • Takes initiative to innovate and solve problems without direct supervision and/or direction.
  • Can productively and maturely receive feedback from teammates and deliver thoughtful feedback to others.
  • Is proficient with all Microsoft Office products, particularly Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
  • Is proficient in Adobe creative suite, particularly Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop.
  • Ideally has experience with Sketch.
  • Has a very strong work ethic and flexibility for a frequently changing work load including varied projects and fast-paced situations associated with an web development and marketing agency.
  • Is outgoing and willing to present work to team (primarily internal now, but could be client facing in the future).
  • Has experience with or understanding of MailChimp and Campaign Monitor.
  • Is familiar with WordPress.
  • Is willing to become Google Analytics certified.
  • Has a strong desire to continue learning on the job.


In the position, you will be asked to:

  • Design marketing assets (ex. banner ads, emails, flyers, social media posts, landing pages, infographics, custom icons) for digital campaigns.
  • Wireframe site templates.
  • Research design solutions for incoming projects in a variety of industries.
  • Collaborate with developers, designers, and marketing team on design solutions.


Compensation & Benefits:

  • We will provide school credit or pay hourly.
  • Real agency and client experience.


So you’ve read all this, you are excited, and think you are the perfect fit? Great! Apply below. You’ll hear back from us – whether to schedule an interview, or to thank you for your application.

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