Business Analyst

Lucid Agency is expanding and seeking a full-time Business Analyst to join our team. This is a strategic role in technical management leadership that will involve high-touch client management and critical problem-solving. This is NOT a sales role. This hybrid position is an exciting opportunity for the right candidate. Approximately 80% of this position involves client work, 20% involves internal work to improve our ever-evolving business.


  • Gather and translate complex business requirements, user goals, and technical capabilities to provide actionable high-level strategy recommendations
  • Configure Marketing Automation platforms and CRM tools for our clients
  • Drive conversations with clients to get to the “root” of their digital needs
  • Manage project calendars, tasks, and responsibilities for a large team of internal and external individuals
  • Coordinate between clients and team members
  • Document project requirements and solutions in language that the entire team (and clients) can understand
  • Strategize, plan, execute and analyze user tests. This could include surveys, focus groups, recorded user journeys, stakeholder interviews, and more
  • Recommend iterative changes based on user and business goals
  • Develop actionable and detailed personas
  • Analyze metrics to identify user patterns and opportunities for improvement
  • Perform competitive or industry analyses
  • Develop scopes of work
  • Research potential software solutions to achieve business goals
  • Identify internal opportunities for improvement and implement tools to expedite processes
  • Train team members on the implementation of new tools and software applications


  • Bachelor’s degree and 4+ years of experience in the technology industry
  • Expert written and verbal communicator
  • Proven experience conducting user experience research
  • Proven experience presenting in front of large groups
  • Experience with configuring and implementing campaigns through a Marketing Automation platform such as Hubspot, Marketo, Sharpspring, etc.
  • A firm understanding of the digital space and experience in technical environments
  • Project management experience a plus
  • Comfortable with ambiguity
  • Loves of problem-solving
  • Excellent at working autonomously

Compensation will be a top-notch salary and benefits package, based on your past experience and what you can bring to the table. Other benefits include paid health insurance, flexible paid vacation and sick days, and much more. So you’ve read all this and you think you are the perfect candidate for this position? Great! Tell us why, below.

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